Refurbished Network Hardware


With the motto of never compromising on the quality of products, TrueVale offers widest range of switches that present an efficient and affordable solution to the enterprises. 


Whether it is to expand the internet access zone or to replace the old hardware, the renewed and pre-owned routers from Truevale offer a convenient option to the customers. With an array of options to choose from, they can find the perfect product to even meet their specific requirement. 

IP Phones 

The supreme quality renewed and pre-owned handsets from TrueValue reduces the cost of implementing VOIP services. It offers an arry of IP phones to the customers to suit their requirement without compromising on performance. 


We have the widest range of renewed and pre-owned wireless solutions available, TrueValue caters the need of small as well as big enterprises in most efficient way. 


If you are looking for a secured network, relay on the firewall solutions offered by truevale.Before delivering a product, it is made sure that the product is in proper working order for optimum customer satisfaction.