Kensium was established with the mission to provide exceptional quality services in IT and litigation Support to corporate businesses and start-ups alike. Having acquired ISO Certifications; ISO 27001 for security and ISO9001:2008 for process integrity, Kensium has quickly established itself as a premier company in this space. Kensium continues providing high quality as it has grown in terms of numbers. It now employs a dedicated team of 500 odd members.

Document Management System (DMS) – Doccept

Doccept is a multi-user document management software that allows businesses to streamline business processes by being better organized, more secure, and decidedly more efficient. Doccept comes in three versions of Basic, Professional, and Enterprise respectively. Each version is available in a flexible user-based licensing model. A Document Management System (DMS) is at the cross-roads of the information highway; controlling, organizing and directing the flow of information/files. DMS manages creation of documents that need to be controlled at every stage, from source to dossiers and disposal. It provides document review, approval and revision through version control. Doccept provides for sharing of documents across multiple locations. It enables secure access of documents outside of the office set-up. Storage, safety and administration of the documents are also looked into. Allows for document distribution , retrieval and archiving across multiple locales with secure access outside of the office.

Fire Protection Suite –FPS

Fire Protection Suite (FPS) is a web-based solution for fire protection and management for Light-Water Nuclear Reactors, developed in partnership with Nexus Technical Services, Chicago. A technology application that addresses all fire-related compliance requirements. It is an application that ensures fire safety, efficiency, and compliance to NFPA 805 standards. It is a self-contained product with several modules designed to manage fire protection systems and information in one central location. FPS provides the ability for electronic tracking and management of various fire protection elements, including hot work, fire protection impairments, and transient combustibles. It has the ability to track both fixed and transient combustible loading; creates and tracks the transient permits; and also generates various reports. Loads graphical maps of plant.

Kensium HR- Human Resource Management

Human Resource is important and critical to the functioning of any organization. HR Management helps in maintaining a competent workforce. Most HRMS solution providers deliver software to automate many HR tasks thereby generating reports. This is generally not followed by expert assistance on subject matter, which should be done when introducing an HRMS. A supplier must provide personal advice as and when required, when implementing the software.

Kensium HR is a feature rich application with a flexibility to configure the HR processes as per the needs of the organization. Kensium HR helps the organizations to implement the policies and rules as per the needs of the organization with the multiple benefits. Benefits include rich, out-of-box feature set. Email based approvals and highly configurable with dynamic workfkows. Open APIs for easy integration with integrated task management. Reduces information overload through widget driven approach.

Compendium Cloud Archive

Compendium Cloud Archive changes the way businesses manage their eDiscovery data, allowing them to store infrequently used data on significantly cheaper storage. Comes with the ability to seamlessly archive inactive workspaces to a secure Cloud. The archival rules and the archiving itself is initiated by you, which means that you always maintain complete control of your data. There is no long-term commitment and you can add or remove data at any time. It is easy to manage costs because you are only billed for the space that is used.

Compendium Scripts for LAW PreDiscovery

This unique software offering enables the litigation team to produce and organize paper and electronic files with a dynamic imaging and electronic data discovery processing application. It increases staff productivity by utilizing LAW scripts instead of exporting data out of LAW to manipulate in programs and then importing it back. It saves a lot of time by reducing processing speed too.

Dynamic User Provisioning

It is a great application for Relativity hosting partner. The application offers control that they want by being deployed as a custom page within relativity, while managing internal users and security.